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The Seagull

A play by Anton Chekov

In association with Sushila Arts Academy

Chekov’s classic Russian tragic-comedy feels absolutely contemporary in its concern for a life in art and passionate love, especially in the anguished portrayal of a young artist. The Russian Ambassador to Nepal warmly praised the production from the stage.

The play features well known Nepali stage and film actors: Divya Dev in an anguished portrayal of young artist Treplyov, Rajkumar Pudasaini as the famous writer Trigorin, Menuka Pradan as the luminous Nina, and introducing Indian actress Kavita Srinivasan as the diva Arkadina. Loonibha Tuladhar, Subash Thapa, Sudam C.K, and Utpal Jha shine in the brilliant ensemble. 

The play is a comedy,” says Director Deborah Merola, “because everyone loves the wrong person, and a tragedy because everyone loves the wrong person. The Seagull is also about art—what art demands of us. I feel it is absolutely relevant to Nepal today where so many young and gifted actors and writers, film makers and visual artists, struggle to make a living, only with the hope to create new art forms for Nepal. The Seagull speaks directly to that passion.


The Russian Centre of Science and Culture is proud to join One World Theatre and Sushila Arts Academy for the Nepal Premiere of The Seagull, by the great Russian story-writer and playwright Anton P. Chekhov, performing at the RCSC auditorium May 15 to  17, 2014. The Seagull, or Chaika in Russian, was written by Chekhov in 1895 and its triumphant production in 1898 established the Moscow Art Theatre, which adopted a seagull as its emblem. 

The Seagull, which Chekhov calls a Comedy, is set in the Russian countryside at the end of the 19th century. It dramatizes the romantic and artistic conflicts between four characters: the famous middlebrow story-writer Boris Trigorin, the ingénue Nina, the fading actress Irina Arkadina, and her son the symbolist playwright Konstantin Treplyov. The cast of characters are dissatisfied with their lives. Some desire love. Some desire success. Some desire artistic genius. No one, however, seems able to attain happiness…. thus the story goes. 

Since its establishment, RCSC has been committed to the promotion of cultural relations between Russia and Nepal with the support of our partners and friends. Now, we are happy to join hands with One World Theatre, which is actively working for the development of theatre culture in Nepal. The year 2014 has been decreed the Year of Culture in Russia, with the objectives of encouraging cultural development worldwide, preserving cultural and historical heritages, and celebrating the role of Russian culture in the world. This presentation of The Seagull is one of various events planned for this special year. The RCSC, together with Sushila Arts Academy, is deeply grateful to the OWT theatre artists for realizing this drama with great artistry and spirit. 

Stanislav Simakov, Director, Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Kathmandu, Nepal

One World Theatre is thrilled and honored to present the Nepal Premiere of The Seagull by Anton Chekhov in the 2014 Year of Culture of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture, in close association with Sushila Arts Academy. Chekov’s plays are a gift of Russian culture to the world and like the plays of Sophocles and Shakespeare, will endure through time. The Seagull is particularly beloved by theatre artists because of its theme of passionate love and art—what art demands of us. This theme is highly relevant today in Nepal, when so many young and gifted artists struggle to make a living, with the hope to create new art forms for Nepal and to contribute to intercultural exchange and harmony among peoples.

Deborah Merola, Founding Artistic Director of One World Theatre

As the Founder and Principal of Sushila Arts Academy, I am extremely happy to collaborate with One World Theatre and the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in delivering this wonderful theatre production of Anton Chekov’s The Seagull. The Theatre Program at Sushila Arts Academy uniquely offers all levels of theatre training, taught by Ph.D. level academics and working professional stage and film actors. Beginning classes provide a safe and fun atmosphere where participants can explore their interest and talent in theatre. Our Actor Conservatory Training (A.C.T.) offers advanced courses and workshops for artists-in-training and professional actors, with credit towards a two-year Theatre Training Certificate. Sushila Arts Academy also offers 80 scholarship seats, supported by Tata Motors, our main Scholarship Supporter, for art, dance, music and theatre classes, including A.C.T. advanced theatre courses and workshops.

Yulia Koirala, Founder and Principal of Sushila Arts Academy


Stanislav Simakov, Director of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, for his support of meaningful intercultural exchange. 
Anton Maslov, Deputy Director of RCSC, for his wonderful enthusiasm for the arts. 
Shilpee Theatre, Resident Theatre at RCSC, for their generosity in loaning many items.
Tata Motors, SAA Main Scholarship Supporter.
Shiba Thapa, Ph.D., Principal, Kaastamandap Vidyalaya, for the loan of furniture pieces.
Pravati Mazumdar, for the loan of a rug.
Krishna and Rose Poudyal, for the loan of patio furniture
Volunteers: Nicole Colllins and Matthew Morales for wonderful support.   


Yulia Koirala, Principal of SAA, for her great organization skills and vision for arts education.
Susan Parker-Burns, Head of Public Affairs US Embassy Nepal, for foundational support.
Ananda Sharma, Ph.D., Principal of IACER, for a home community and rehearsal space.
Sajan R. Bhandary, Advocate, Kathmandu Legals, for crucial pro bono advising.
Raju Bikram Shah, Senior General Manager of Shangri-La Hotel, for ready help.
Jeebesh Rayamajhi, Managing Director and Bimal Subedi, Artistic Director of Theatre Village, for collegiality. 
David Kleiman, who faithfully stands behind every OWT production and endeavors.

CHARACTERS                                                                                Actors                                                                                                      

ARKADINA, IRINA NIKOLAEVNA                                          Kavita Srinivasan
(Married name Treplyov, an actress)

TREPLYOV, KONSTANTIN GAVRILOVICH                              Divya Dev
(Her son, a young man)

SORIN, PYOTR NIKOLAEVICH                                               Utpal Jha 
(Her brother)    

NINA, MIKHAILOVNA ZARECHNAYA                                    Menuka Pradan                                                
(A young woman, daughter of a wealthy landowner)

SHAMRAEV, ILYA AFANASEVICH                                         Hemanta Chalise
 (Retired lieutenant, overseer of Sorin's estate)    

POLINA ANDREEVNA                                                          Loonibha Tuladhar
(His wife)

MASHA                                                                                 Sujata Koirala
(His daughter)
TRIGORIN, BORIS ALEKSEEVICH                                          Rajkumar Pudasaini
(A man of letters)

DORN, EVGENY SERGEEVICH                                               Subash Thapa
(A doctor of medicine)
MEDVEDENKO, SEMYON SEMYONOVICH                            Sudam C.K.
(A schoolteacher)

YAKOV                                                                                   Aaiman Tamang
(A workman)
WORKMAN, WATCHMAN                                                     Matthew Morales

A COOK                                                                                 Sunaina Panthy 
A HOUSEMAID                                                                      Nicole Collins  


DIRECTOR                                                                            Deborah Merola
ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR                                             Divya Dev
PRODUCTION MANAGER                                                    Rajkumar Pudasaini
ACTING MANAGING DIRECTO R                                         Utpal Jha
STAGE MANAGER                                                                Sunita Dabadi
ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER                                             Nicole Collins
SET CONSTRUCTION                                                           Hum B.C
LIGHTING DESIGNER                                                           Rajkumar Pudasaini
COSTUME DESIGNER                                                          Kalsang Lama
PROPS DESIGNER                                                               Jupiter Pradan
PROPS MANAGER                                                              Sunaina Panthy
ASSISTANT PROPS MANAGER                                            Matthew Morales
SOUND DESIGNER                                                               Jason Kunwar
MUSIC CONSULTANTS                                                        Yulia Koirala, Anton Maslov