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Stop Kiss

A play by Diana Son

One World Theatre's production STOP KISS runs from 25th of November till 4th of December at Shilpee Theatre.
Set in the 1990s in New York City, the story revolves around Callie who has a job as a traffic reporter. She meets Sara, a midwesterner, who, against her parents' wishes has moved to New York to teach third-grade students in the Bronx. Both have boyfriends, but as they get to know each other, their shared experiences and sense of humor create a strong bond. The tragic consequences of their first kiss - the center of this powerful drama - serve as both an indictment of hatred and a moving study of the perils inherent in living life fully. Throughout Stop Kiss, relationships are explored, formed, and even ended.

Produced with the support of the US Embassy in Kathmandu.
Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc, New York.

Script written by Diana Son, an acclaimed Asian-American writer for theatre and television. Despite the serious topic, Son treats her characters with humor and tenderness, as they must learn both to accept themselves and the responsibilities that come when the unthinkable happens.
The story is told out of chronological order: scenes alternate between flashbacks (before the assault) and the present tense (after the assault); the assault itself is not shown onstage. Some explicit language is used.

Logo and art work on Stop Kiss inspired by Zoë de Ocampo, Kat Bautista, and Positive Space, Manila.

Malpi City School – for letting us use their premises for rehearsals,
and lending us their tables and chairs
Hotel Heranya – for letting us use their premises for rehearsals
Nudge International – for lending us their foldable sofa-cum-bed
Blue Cross Hospital – for lending us their hospital equipment
Gurukul Natyalaya – for lending us their bookcase and side table
Kasa – for letting us use their attires
Arden - The Beauty Point – for designing Callie and Sara’s hairstyles
ISS Shibir Shakya – for lending us their projector to create backdrops
Ashok Rajbhandari – for lending us their wheelchair
Akriti Battachan – for lending us their phone
Nani Sara Walker – for photos of New York City
Rajesh and Aakash Jha – for volunteering their support backstage

Directed by Loonibha Tuladhar, co-directed by Kavita Srinivasan.


CALLIE: Ranjana Bhattarai
SARA: Samapika Gautam
GEORGE: Gaurav Bista
MRS. WINSLEY: Loonibha Tuladhar
DETECTIVE COLE: Sushrut Acharya
NURSE: Anahita Sarabhai
PETER: Bruno Deceukelier


Stage Management - Shuby Bhattarai
Choreography - Alizé Biannic
Sound Design - Satish Prasai
Music - Shuby Bhattarai
Costume Design - Abinash Shrestha (Ariri Boutique)
Props - Roshani Syangbo
Makeup - Binu Shahi
Photography and Film - Bijay Tamrakar
Educational Outreach - Niranjan Kunwar
LGBTIQ+ Consultant - Nirvana Bhandary
Box Office Management - Chandra Thapa
Set Supervision - Pramod Karki
Set Design - Anjan Gajurel
Set Construction - Hum BC
Communications Design - Puspa Pradhananga (Image Setter)
Assistant & Postering - Adan Batri
Sound Operations & Video Projection - Satish Prasai
Lighting Operations & Video Projection - Vijaya Karki
Stage Hands: Aakash Jha, Rajesh