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Nepal stages epic monologue, “I am Sheikh Mujib” to mark Bangubandhu’s 100th anniversary

Published on December 13, 2020

One World Theatre stages the epic monologue, “I am Sheikh Mujib” in Kathmandu on the occasion of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's 100th anniversary on 15th of December at 15.45 Nepalese time. Bengali-Swedish poet Anisur Rahman has written this epic monologue which will be performed by Rajkumar Pudasaini in two languages, Nepali and English. This monologue, originally written in Bengali, depicts the twentieth century freedom struggle on the Indian subcontinent through the voice of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman - from British colonial times to the first tentative years of independent Bangladesh under his leadership. Along the way, this political struggle was to a large extent also about the right to one's own language.

The production features some symbolic dialogues in Bengali to include diversity. Jahangirnagar University theatre teacher Mohibur Rouf Shaibal along with his students, Nowreen Nipu, Hridy Basak have worked to incorporated Bengali voices. 

This monologue has been presented in different languages at various theatres and universities in Europe and Asia, including Jahangirnagar University, Lund University, Wiks folkhögskola and Wales University of Trinity Saint David.  International publishing house, Dracopis Press is bringing its English edition in USA and Europe simultaneously.

Educated at Dhaka University and Stockholm University, poet and playwright Anisur’s authorship is based in Bangladesh and Scandinavia. Swedish Writers’ Union’s board member Anisur’s literary works include prose, poetry, play, novel, short story and books for children. His plays have been presented at theatres in Asia and Europe. Visit his website for more info.

For more info, contact : 
•    Rajkumar Pudasaini,; mobile/WhatsApp +977 984 132 93 22 
•    Anisur Rahman,, mobile/WhatsApp +46 725 37 11 55 

I am Sheikh Mujib, an epic monologue by Anisur Rahman

From Pakistan to London. 
London to Delhi.
Delhi to Dhaka.
Then in Independent Bangladesh.

These lines are delivered towards the end of Anisur Rahman’s monologue written in the voice of Sheikh Mujibir Rahman. They are stanzas within this epic monologue that recall the exploration of central themes within this literary work. These themes include memory, imagination and reality, the essence of the now and an internationalism that maintains cultural respect while demanding equality; as well as an openness to differing religious views and the importance of language and its creative usage. This work intertwines two perspectives, of course, that of Anisur (the author and poet) and that of the father of the Bengali nation, Sheikh Mujib.
The piece traces the political and cultural basis for, and impact of, the creation of Pakistan and ultimately an independent Bangladesh. From the perspective of Sheikh Mujib, much of the monologue is set during his many prison terms as he reflects on his life from the late 1930s to the mid-1970s. He considers his move through activism and politics, and his role in the fight for a fair and just Bengal for Muslims and Hindus. The manuscript is littered with dates and significant political events presented dispassionately and irrefutably and so the proclamations of a great statesman and orator are allowed to hang on these, anchored firmly within the poetic narrative.
This is a time for us too to become human beings

Performed by: Rajkumar Pudasaini
Language: Nepalese, English
One World Theatre, Kathmandu, Nepal