Amrit Dahal

Amrit Dahal is a theatre actor and a model from Kathmandu, Nepal. He started theatre with the 2014 OWT play In the Red and Brown Water directed by Deborah Merola. Since then he has become one of the most regularly appearing actors in different successful OWT productions like The Diary of Anne Frank, In the Sand and the Snow, Nepali aama etc. His most outstanding performance arguably was in Golden Boy, where he played a young violinist turned brutal boxer, with a tough yet ethereal girlfriend Lorna Moon portrayed by Namrataa Shrestha. In total, he has acted and worked in over 15 dramas, some produced by One World Theatre and some by other theatre companies in Nepal. He can also be seen in various television commercials, short movies, music videos and brands shoots. Amrit Dahal has also participated and performed in various national and international theatre festivals in Nepal and India.

Besides acting, he also ensures the financial management of OWT productions and some of the online presence of OWT.